Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dream Travels

Well I have been a little lazy these days with my journeys. Or kind of poor to embark on new out of town ones. So I guess I will write something different for this entry.
There are so many places I want to visit around the world and the odds of seeing each and everyone one is low but I will try my best to hit as many of them. I have this book called “501 Must-take Journeys”. I have about 50 markers in the book that tell of amazing journeys. Some last anywhere to a few hours to a few months. Looking through the markers I notice many are located on waterfalls. Can you say I love hiking to fresh air and rushing waters. So back to my blog entry. This entry is going to be top 6 places I want to visit. Some are just cities and some are countrys.

1)Haida Gwaii(Queen Charlotte Island): I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by the ocean. It seems like the perfect historical getaway. Being able to camp, smell the fresh air, hike, fish and kayak. It is sad to think I have yet to visit this place since it practically in the back yard.

2)Vancouver: Again this is in my back yard. I have been to Vancouver a few times. Once when I was 8. Don’t remember much from the trip. I went again for AAA Provincial Basketball Tournament. I was only able to see “Metrotown Mall” and “Gas Town”. This being said I wish to return. There is so much to do and see. Capilano Suspension Bridge, China Town, Harbour Center Lookout, Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and so much more.

3)Avonlea Village: Most have heard of Avonlea and if not….got no words for you. Avonlea is a fiction based town from the book series “Anne of Green Gables”. Or some of you have watched the television series “Road to Avonlea”. The set is still alive and standing for anyone that wants to let their imagination run wild and go back in time.

4)South Korea: Cheonjiyeon Falls, Oedolgae, Sinyang Beach, Mt.Namsan, Puk’ansan, and Gyeongbokung are just a few places I want to see in S.Korea. I have been fascinated or obsessed with S.Korea since they day I thought I was going to watch an Anime. This Anime ended up being a Korea Drama. I want to see the places I see in the Korean dramas and go back in time to see historic building and palaces. I could keep rambling on about S.Korea but ya….

5) China: I really want to see China. Yu Garden, Mt. Huangshan, Qibao, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Ancient City Wall and Giant Wild Goose Pagoda are some of the places. China has so much history and the culture is so different is certain aspects from western culture.

6) Russia: Ever heard the story of Anastasia? The stories and movies about the lost princess Anastasia is what started my fascination of Russia and the Russian Revolution. I don’t know about many places in Russia or know a whole bunch of tourist attractions. But, I do know I want to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg. See the forever talked about palace and church.

Where are some places you want to visit?

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  1. I think my number one dream trip, would be to Italy. I've always loved the idea of visiting places like Rome, or Venice. And of course, i love Italian food, so food from where it came from would be amazing.