Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cottonwood Island Park

Ever have a place you love to go on an evening off or a place you feel like getting away to? I have a place, I visit this wondrous nature park at least once a week, if not more. Cottonwood Island Park or it’s official name Cottonwood Island Nature Park.

There are many beginnings to this park. The main entrance to the parking lot is located off of River Road. Where there is a nice grassy area with a gazebo, picnic tables and a trail map. The map outlines the trails including the Willow, Grove, Cottonwood, Limestone, Hazelnut and Dogwood Trails.

Some are probably wondering what ‘river road’. I guess I should tell you where it is. It is located where the Nechako and Fraser River meet in the community of Prince George, B.C., Canada. The park is 88acres and has many 300 year old Black Cottonwood Trees. (If anyone is allergic to pollen, it is widely suggested to bring allergy relievers. In my case I am allergic to ONLY cottonwood and pay for it every time.)

Summer/Autumn is one of the best times to visit the park. The river is low enough that you are able to walk over the river rock beds. Sometimes getting half way over the river. There is nothing better that taking a journey over rock beds with some friends. That isn’t the only reason Summer/Autumn is a great time to visit. You have many wild berries along the trails and the leaves are just changing color so you really experience that warm happy feeling.

The tails are both dirt and paved. It is a multi-use trail that lets joggers, bikers, runners, walkers and in-line skaters use. Some people use the trail to cross-country ski during the winter.

People can fish from the river, there is a boat launch for boaters, and many events are held at Cottonwood Island park. There is one event closing in on September 11th, 2011. It is an annual event called “Paws for Cause”. Many communities throughout the province will par take to raise funds for local animal shelters. It will begin at 11am and the funds raised in Prince George will go to the Caribou Branch of the SPCA.

Please if you have an hour or two, take the time to visit Cottonwood Island Park.
P.S - Don't try and find the sign. :-D PEACE OUT


  1. Cottonwood is beautiful during the summer (just bring lots of bug spray) :P

  2. Looking forward to the upcoming Paws for a Cause event...thanks for showcasing this great place to relax :)