Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hixon Falls

Hixon Falls is located in the middle of British Columbia. The falls are tucked in behind the tiny town Hixon off Highway 97.
The waterfall was not hard to find but there was a lack of signage marking the way. As soon as you hit the parking area you can hear the waterfall already. The area is so breathtaking; a natural beauty for sure. The air is fresh, the creek is clear and there is music in your ear. Nice thing about this trail is you can take your shoes off and walk the creek to the waterfall or take short trail.
When I arrived I soon found out I wasn’t very prepared. I was able to walk to a certain distance along the creek because I had sandals on, but even then I had to walk the trail part ways, as it got deeper. The waterfall came in view and I realised I should have brought a swim suit because there was a pooled area for people swim in. From the trail I was disappointed to find I wasn’t able to see the full length of the waterfall unless I went straight up, hands and knees crawling up a lightly man crawled trail. And, for that I would have needed my shoes, which we at home in the boot room.
What I saw was beautiful and I would go back in a heart beat. Go back more prepared that is. Hixon falls is a nice place to stop by on your travels or visit for the day. I recommend you bring a lunch and let your feet soak in the clean clear water.


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  1. Quite the awesome shots.. can't wait for more.. :D