Monday, August 1, 2011

Hazelton, BC, CANADA

Hello there. I guess I should start out this blog. I recently visited my hometown with a couple of friends. So why not start with my hometown. Most people drive by this little spread out town but it is really beautiful. If you haven’t guess by the title already; the name of the town is “Hazelton”. Sorry let me correct myself. “Hazelton” is the cluster name.The Hazelton area is comprised of the Village of Hazelton, District of New Hazelton, South Hazelton, Two Mile and the Kispiox Valley. Also the four First Nations’ Villages Gitanmaax, Hagwilget, Glen Vowell and Kispiox.

Named after the hazel bushes that paint river-carved terraces, the Hazeltons are situated in a majestic setting dominated by the 3000’ walls of the rugged Roche de Boule Range. A ‘must see’ for those traveling Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert. The two main rivers in the area are Bulkley and Skeena River.

Hazelton is one of the oldest settlements in Northern British Columbia, its European settlement dates back to 1866 when the Collins Overland telegraph went through. The Hazeltons boast a diverse compact landscape of culture, scenery, lifestyles and local amenities. The are approximatly 6000 living in the area.

There is so much to see and do(listed below. I spent half my life living in the Hazelton Cluster. At the bottem are many photographs taken on my last trip. Also 5 years new is this cute little giftshop in old town and a human size chess board.

Places to see:
Hagwilget Suspension Bridge(My Favorite): Head down the road from the Visitor Info Centre in New Hazelton to drive or walk over the Hagwilget suspension bridge, one of the highest suspension bridges in North America. The bridge looms 81 metres (265 feet) over the scenic waters of the Bulkley River. You can also hike down to the river's edge for a closer look at the water.

Ksan Indian Village and Museum:The 'Ksan village illustrates many features of a Gitxsan village from the distant past. For example, like its predecessors, 'Ksan's houses form a single line with each building facing the river. From this position, the large decorated house fronts and totem poles of the village are visible from the water.'Ksan's museum collection consists of approximately 600 items.Items include bent boxes, ceremonial masks, button blankets, shaman's regalia, fishing gear, hunting utensils, and assorted lithic artifacts housed in a proper museum facility with environmental controls.

Things to do:
View Totem Poles: The Hazelton area contains over 50 standing totem poles located in eight scenic Native villages.

Fishing: Designated a trophy river by the province, the Kispiox River is known for its world-class steelhead trout. The river also contains an abundance of coho salmon, dolly varden, and cutthroat and rainbow trout.
Just 30 minutes away are the Babine, Bear, Bulkley, and Sceena Rivers.

Hiking: The Hazeltons appeal to hikers of all experience levels. Trails range from easy family hikes to high alpine adventures for more experienced hikers.
Stroll the boardwalk in New Hazelton. Blue Mountain Trail and Sidina Mountain Trail are longer stretches, reaching into alpine terrain. For a long day's trek, or overnight backpacking, set out for Moonlit Trail (also called the Kispiox Mountain Trail) on a steady climb through old-growth forest leading to an alpine ridge. A small campsite is set near the top of the ridge

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  1. Fifteen years (1993-2008) Hezeltonian. So many unforgetable moments. Love the place !!!