Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ancient Forest Trail

Did anyone know there is a rain forest in Northern British Columbia, Canada? You’re in luck; because you do now.
Recently I went with my friend to Ancient Forest Trail. It is located 112km East of Prince George. When walking the trail it feels like you are walking into a different world. It is so breathtaking until you breath the fresh mountain air. A clean strong air that makes you think again about returning home.

The forest contains ancient Western Redcedars (Thuja plicata). The trees are anywhere from 1000years old to 2000years old. These trees, cedars mostly, have massive trunks up to 16 metres in circumference, upper limbs that reach for the sun's rays, and lower limbs draped in moss. Researches say it is because of long, cold, and snowy winters. Snowmelt from adjacent valley slopes plays an important role in sustaining groundwater recharge.

Now, walking the trail I was shocked to read the map info because what laid in middle of the Ancient Forest Trails was a waterfall. The waterfall is called ‘Treebeard Falls’. The waterfall is accessible by a rocky trail or by the waterfall runoff creak.

Ancient Forest Trail was just recently discovered by a UNBC student. The trails are now accessible thanks to all the hard-working people at Dome Creek, UNBC and the Caledonia Ramblers among others.

Hearing about this trail from the paper, I had assumed that the trail was flat but it is a elevation gain of 300 ft to the falls. The falls are not huge, but still magical in a nice shady spot where you can enjoy the view and cool waters cascading down.

This is a must for hikers and wilderness lovers.