Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Twin Falls

During my trip north-west from my current location, my friends and I stopped at Twin Falls. Twin Falls is a must see natural attraction that all should make an effort to visit when in the Smithers, British Columbia, Canada area.

We went early September when the air/weather was just turning crisp. The hiking trail follows a wide foot path to a wooden lookout platform. You are walking along a tumbling creek created by the run off water from the waterfalls. The trail, although short, is uphill and can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. There are some picnic tables here where you
can rest and enjoy the surroundings. You can walk along the creek to the waterfall as well. This is what my friend and I did.

You can see both waterfalls from the viewpoint. Though my friend and I were not able to get to close the second waterfall; we were able to walk along the rocks and rough hiking trail base of the one waterfall. If you go be careful as the trail becomes more slippery and unreliable.

The two glistening waterfalls are approximately 550 feet. Five thousand feet above you can see the receding glacier. You can reach the glacier by the gulch hiking trail. It explores the mountain all the way to the top of the falls and onto the glacier. This trail is a steep 2hour hike for experience hikers. The hike is challenging and the temperatures drop on the glacier quickly.

In all this was a beautiful place that felt like we were surround by magic. Well…okay maybe just fresh air and mist from the creek. Hope you can check out Twin Falls and experience what is hard to put into words.

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  1. Love these pictures.. I'm a sucker for a good waterfall lol.. driven past that turn off many times, but never really had time to go to them.. very awesome..