Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Update

Okay it is now winter…well winter where I am. Weather has been crazy and by crazy I mean random windstorms, to rain, to 10inches of snow, to a city ice rink. Currently I could grab my skates and skate to my destination. The sad thing is I am NOT joking o.0

Since I live in North Central BC there are many activities to do in both winter and spring. I like to travel to new hiking/tourist spots….and winter up here doesn’t allow me to do so. Unless I catch a plane and that does not seem likely to happen.

I guess time to get to the point of this entry…

I won’t have very many new posts of discovery for the next few months. I will write on places I have been in the past 2 years to keep the blog going. But for any new discoveries for both me and the readers you may have to wait until MAY.

I know, I know it seems like a long time but this is how winter treats us. We get 6+month of winter maybe a month a spring if summer arrives close to the calendar date of season change. I will however make good use of the winter this year. I plan to learn how to ski. In a way I think I do remember how but after falling into a barrier when my ski’s crossed at the top of the hill, I have become somewhat fearful. I think if I wasn’t asked to sit off to the side, I wouldn’t have begun to fear skiing. However that was a long time ago and I plan to make it down a ski hill this winter. If you guys want to hear about my attempting skiing adventure, post in the comments below and I will keep you updated.

P.S Winter photo’s coming soon. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Teapot Mountain

Okay, it could be because I am out of shape but late September I went straight up an old volcanic plug and PHEW'. This volcanic plug is none other than Teapot Mountain, located 50km North of Prince George, BC, Canada.

The hike is only 1.4km long. The 1.4 kilometer hike is deceiving though. It has a steady incline on a slightly switchback trail. It is a trail for people that are in healthy shape. Though I was extremely unprepared for the hike, I found it rewarding. I love seeing the beauty of the earth around me and Teapot Mountain didn’t disappoint.

Once at the top of the mountain there is a 360degree trail with many view points. I recommend you go in the fall season because you are blessed with brilliant colors that the surrounding lakes, rivers, forests and wetlands hold.