Saturday, December 10, 2011

Teapot Mountain

Okay, it could be because I am out of shape but late September I went straight up an old volcanic plug and PHEW'. This volcanic plug is none other than Teapot Mountain, located 50km North of Prince George, BC, Canada.

The hike is only 1.4km long. The 1.4 kilometer hike is deceiving though. It has a steady incline on a slightly switchback trail. It is a trail for people that are in healthy shape. Though I was extremely unprepared for the hike, I found it rewarding. I love seeing the beauty of the earth around me and Teapot Mountain didn’t disappoint.

Once at the top of the mountain there is a 360degree trail with many view points. I recommend you go in the fall season because you are blessed with brilliant colors that the surrounding lakes, rivers, forests and wetlands hold.

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