Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Update

Okay it is now winter…well winter where I am. Weather has been crazy and by crazy I mean random windstorms, to rain, to 10inches of snow, to a city ice rink. Currently I could grab my skates and skate to my destination. The sad thing is I am NOT joking o.0

Since I live in North Central BC there are many activities to do in both winter and spring. I like to travel to new hiking/tourist spots….and winter up here doesn’t allow me to do so. Unless I catch a plane and that does not seem likely to happen.

I guess time to get to the point of this entry…

I won’t have very many new posts of discovery for the next few months. I will write on places I have been in the past 2 years to keep the blog going. But for any new discoveries for both me and the readers you may have to wait until MAY.

I know, I know it seems like a long time but this is how winter treats us. We get 6+month of winter maybe a month a spring if summer arrives close to the calendar date of season change. I will however make good use of the winter this year. I plan to learn how to ski. In a way I think I do remember how but after falling into a barrier when my ski’s crossed at the top of the hill, I have become somewhat fearful. I think if I wasn’t asked to sit off to the side, I wouldn’t have begun to fear skiing. However that was a long time ago and I plan to make it down a ski hill this winter. If you guys want to hear about my attempting skiing adventure, post in the comments below and I will keep you updated.

P.S Winter photo’s coming soon. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

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